Welcome to Stretch n Grow Dublin South & West By Jane Keogh

Wobblers Class

An introduction to movement in a fun way


An action packed 45 minute class full of movement & educational content on wellness.

After School

Action packed class full of skill-based games, challenges & lots more. A great way to finish your school day!

Why Choose Stretch n Grow?

Stretch n Grow is an International children’s fitness programme aiming to actively engage children in movement, in a fun and inspiring way. With more than 4000 children currently enrolled, Stretch n Go is Ireland’s longest running programme of its kind, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! 

Meet Our Instructors

Jane is proud to have a very talented team of instructors working alongside her so your child has a fun filled experience of exercise.

Class Props & Equipment

We incorporate props and equipment into all of our classes and camps, a feature that is very popular with the children. Working with props helps to improve fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination and movement whilst having the added benefit of making kids unknowingly harder!

We carry an extensive range of skill based equipment which is used for both our after school classes and our camps, through obstacle courses, relays, stepping stones, and tunnels to name but a few.

Classes & Camps

Classes & camps are held in creches and schools all year round, offering
convenience for busy parents and familiarity for children.

If you would like Stretch n Grow at your facility just complete our contact form

Movement Ability

We forget that movement has to be taught to young children, movement patterns are cemented into the brain, so the more movements that can be performed and repeated the better. We can certainly work on all of that in our Stretch n Grow classes.

Social Skills

Stretch n Grow is a very social class, children engage with their instructor and the group all throughout the class. Of course all children interact at different levels however what is so rewarding for us is that when we start a term with a shy child, who may not be ready to engage fully with it but after 3 or 4 weeks that same child has come out of their shell and is happy and comfortable and eagerly engaging with everyone. The class proves to be very good at building confidence and self esteem.

Healthy Eating

Children have to be taught how to make healthy choices, that’s why each week in class we bring in either a fruit or a vegetable, we educate the children as to the name of it, where it grows, how we cook it, or maybe, we can eat it raw, we tell them what vitamins it has and how its good for our body.

Within the class children are making the connection that I need to eat our healthy food to get a healthy body and doing our exercise will give me a strong body. They are never too young to learn this and start practicing what we preach!

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

We are proud to provide an outstanding programme and service that meets the needs of both the children and the facility providers. Our reputation speaks for itself as we are still teaching in creches and schools that we started in 16 years ago.

We have many families where multiple children have taken part in SnG classes and our camps fill up very quickly with repeat bookings, a testament to the high quality service we provide.


What The Parents Say

Your Children

We thank you for choosing Stretch n Grow for your little star. It is our privilege to have them in our classes and we make the following promises to you…

  • Fun is guaranteed!
  • All children will be active participants.
  • We will provide lots of healthy information.
  • They will want to come back for more!

Our aim is to get children exercising and making healthy choices in a fun, engaging and motivating way. Once the children experience the class for themselves they will be eager to return!

While our classes are full of fun they are also packed with educational content, like ,What’s inside our body and how does it work, to educating our little stars about making healthy food choices, we bring in fruit and vegetables in to class each week, the children learn all about that fruit or veg and we encourage them to go find it at home or in the shops.

We get great feedback from parents, how their little star is always looking for the Stretch n Grow Fruit or Vegetable of the week! We love to hear our little stars doing things the SnG way!

While your little star is having all this fun, Safety is also our concern. We always ensure the area we are teaching in is clear and safe from obstacles or trip hazards etc. as well as environmental issues we are all fully qualified fitness instructors with years of experience, first aid trained and garda vetted. Your little star ins in safe hands.

All children love Stretch n Grow….. Give it a go!