Class Overview

Our Montessori programme is designed for children aged 3-5 years.

The class is an action packed 45minute class full of activity, exercise, fun & is packed with educational content too.

The class has a structured warm up performed to an action story, followed by aerobic routines to get their hearts pumping and where we use fun props like pompoms, balls, scarf’s, woggles etc, we then cool down and stretch and sometimes include relaxation. Throughout the class we include information about wellness, how it is so important to exercise, eat healthy, sleep well, drinking our water, having good hygiene and a good attitude.

The Details

The children will improve in many ways, fitness, co-ordination, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, flexibility, concentration, fluid movement, balance, reaction time, teamwork, builds confidence and self esteem.

All while having fun.

It is important to us that children experience the fun of exercise and so they will want to come back for more!

The children will also learn about their body, the organ’s, the bones and the muscles, the names and what they all do. We have a brilliant Body Apron which the children love, especially when it is their turn to wear it!


All our team are fully qualified fitness instructors with a passion for teaching young children


All our team have years of experience teaching classes to young children and a wealth of knowledge too.


We are very proud of the educational content in our Stretch n Grow class.


we are amazed each week just how much the children have learned from the previous week’s class, they are always excited to tell us what they remember.


we use a variety of props in our classes to encourage greater movement and to have lots of fun


The classes are full of fun, the children experience it and that why they love Stretch n Grow. Teaching it is fun too!

Some Recent Testimonials

Meet Our Instructors

Jane is proud to have a very talented team of instructors working alongside her so your child has a fun filled experience of exercise.