Class Overview

The Wobblers programme starts with the introduction to exercise in a formal but fun way, the benefits include teaching movement and developing those movement patterns in the brain, improved fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, balance, reaction time, reflexes, fine & Gross motor skills, social skills, interaction & teamwork.

The class is 30 minutes, it is full of exercise routines, performing specific actions done to music, using fun props. Then we cooldown and stretch to our special Stretch-n-Grow song.

The Details

  • We will be learning all about what our body does inside
  • Some muscles and joints
  • We’ll learn where our heart is and what it does
  • We will learn our Stretch-n-Grow poem
  • We will be using lots of props to encourage greater movement


All our team are fully qualified fitness instructors with a passion for teaching young children


All our team have years of experience teaching classes to young children and a wealth of knowledge too.


We are very proud of the educational content in our Stretch n Grow class.


we are amazed each week just how much the children have learned from the previous week’s class, they are always excited to tell us what they remember.


we use a variety of props in our classes to encourage greater movement and to have lots of fun


The classes are full of fun, the children experience it and that why they love Stretch n Grow. Teaching it is fun too!

Some Recent Testimonials

Meet Our Instructors

Jane is proud to have a very talented team of instructors working alongside her so your child has a fun filled experience of exercise.