Safe Return To Teaching Stretch n Grow

In preparation for returning to teaching our classes I would just like to inform you of the policies and procedures I have put in place for our safe return to teaching Stretch n Grow.                                      .

During lockdown I took the opportunity to update on the following courses.

  • Paediatric first aid Early years first aid
  • Play it safe, return to work from Kildare sports partnership,
  • Sports Ireland Covid 19 return to sport.


In addition to this I would like to reassure you that myself and my Stretch n Grow team will be implementing strict hygiene and sanitization procedures.

All our equipment will be cleaned & sanitized before & after each class.

There will be only single use of each prop: one class, one prop.

On entering, we will ensure to wash and sanitize our hands before we start the class and same on leaving.

We will wear a face shield, or mask, whichever you see appropriate for each facility.

Our class layout will have the spaced-out markers for the children to stand on and we will also have markers around the instructor to maintain a social distance.

During the class will we endeavour to have as little physical as contact as possible with the children.

As normal we will be keeping our rollcall records to satisfy contact tracing requirements.

We will assume children will already have completed a health screening by the creche and so we will work off this as to avoid repetitive paperwork for parents.

It is our aim to deliver our fun, energetic, educational class whilst adhering to these measures.

While we are dealing with Covid 19, we will refrain from giving hand stamps at the end of the class, however I will be issuing a term stamp chart for good behaviour for each child , this will be their reward which they all look forward to.

In the event of any member of the creche contracting Covid 19, please include SnG instructors in your contact list.

In the event your SnG instructor or their family member contract Covid 19 we will inform the creche asap.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you have any further measures you would like us to take, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Keogh,

Stretch n Grow Dublin South & West


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