Are you looking for a new activity for your creche or school?

Stretch-n-Grow Dublin South & West is celebrating 18 years this year. We are providing early childhood fitness, nutrition and wellness classes to children from as young as 18 months, with our main class for the 3-5 year age bracket. It’s a structured class providing warm-up, aerobic exercise, cool down and stretches, all done with fun props and energetic music.

The children learn all about their bodies, their muscles and how their hearts go pump, pump, pump!! They learn all about their healthy food and making good

Please take a minute to watch our video to show what Stretch n Grow is all about.

The Details

The benefits of Stretch n Grow

  • Improved fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility, body composition, balance
  • Co-ordination & agility, Encourages & improves motor skills
  • Improves Bilateral movement, Encourages fluid movement
  • Encourages participation, social skills, Builds confidence & self esteem
  • Teaches health & body awareness
  • Teaches relaxation !

The best way to see it in action, is to book a FREE DEMO class.

All the children love Stretch n Grow ….. Give it a go!


We come to you and can just use your normal classroom


We have easy payment system for the parents

Class Times

We set a day and time that suits you for your weekly class


Our curriculum also includes many aspects of the Aistir programme.


Our terms run alongside the school year calendar

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Book a free demo. We would love you to see our action packed class.

Some Recent Testimonials

Meet Our Instructors

Jane is proud to have a very talented team of instructors working alongside her so your child has a fun filled experience of exercise.