Stretch n Grow was established in 1992 in Texas, USA and has been going Strong ever since.

I have designed a curriculum that will improve your child’s movement ability as they cement the movement patterns in the brain. It is widely accepted that this is beneficial when done from an early age.

As well as an improvement in overall fitness, our curriculum is designed to increase flexibility, co-ordination, balance, fine & gross motor skills, spacial awareness, body awareness and most importantly confidence. Our classes continually deliver these aims through action stories, movement activity, routines & stretches. All aspects of movement covered will help your child with everyday tasks now, while providing a foundation for a physically healthy future.

Healthy Exercise

We want to give Irish children a healthy exercise and nutrition foundation on which to build their future habits, their confidence and their self-esteem.

Motor Skills

To improve fine and gross motor skills

Healthy Choices

To teach our children that exercise and healthy choices become as natural and important as brushing your teeth!

General Health

To strive to improve the general health of our children and future generations

Improve Movement

To improve children’s movement ability, the earlier this is taught and performed the better as brain patterns are formed at an early age. Good movement ability will help in everyday tasks.

Structured Exercise

To make parents, children and teachers aware that pre-school & school going children should get 60 minutes of structured exercise a day.

Classroom Content

Stretch n Grow classes are educational and informative. The children learn where their muscles are, the names and what they do. They learn all about inside their body; the heart and lungs, kidneys, liver, intestines, the bones and the brain and their functions. You may be thinking this is too much for a 3 or 5 year old but the fun way in which we deliver these lessons mean they really enjoy this section of our class. When you walk in the following week many are repeating everything you said in the previous lesson. It proves they just want to know more!

Providing children with an education about their bodies and how they work creates an understanding of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Classes & Camps

Classes & camps are held in creches and schools all year round, offering
convenience for busy parents and familiarity for children.

If you would like Stretch n Grow at your facility just complete our contact form

Movement Ability

We forget that movement has to be taught to young children, movement patterns are cemented into the brain, so the more movements that can be performed and repeated the better. We can certainly work on all of that in our Stretch n Grow classes.

Social Skills

Stretch n Grow is a very social class, children engage with their instructor and the group all throughout the class. Of course all children interact at different levels however what is so rewarding for us is that when we start a term with a shy child, who may not be ready to engage fully with it but after 3 or 4 weeks that same child has come out of their shell and is happy and comfortable and eagerly engaging with everyone. The class proves to be very good at building confidence and self esteem.

Healthy Eating

Children have to be taught how to make healthy choices, that’s why each week in class we bring in either a fruit or a vegetable, we educate the children as to the name of it, where it grows, how we cook it, or maybe, we can eat it raw, we tell them what vitamins it has and how its good for our body.

Within the class children are making the connection that I need to eat our healthy food to get a healthy body and doing our exercise will give me a strong body. They are never too young to learn this and start practicing what we preach!

Check out all our LITTLE STARS having fun at our classes & camps